Research Lines

“What does happen differently with small things?
… it might turn out to be advantages if you knew how to design for them.”
, Richard Feynman

We seek to discover and understand new exotic phenomena emerging at the nanoscale. Then, by relating it to specific atomic structure/dynamic properties we pave the road towards nanotechnology’s holy grail: atom-by-atom design of new functionalities emerging in nano-devices. This ambitious undertaking is met by pushing the limits of all-atom simulations in an interdisciplinary research (from biology, chemistry up to physics), often in a synergistic liaison with world-leading experimental and theoretical groups.

Core research


From designing energy d issipation in single molecules up to unveiling the origins of static friction.

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Nanoscale Heat Transport

Unveiling the atomic details of an exotic form of heat transport.

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From thermophoresis to novel microscopy techniques.

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Method Development

Pushing the limits of all-atom simulations.

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Other Research lines


Controlling their structure and dynamics (DNA assembly to Liquid-Crystals).

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Mechanics of Biomolecules

From atomic workings of nucleic-acids up to protein’s nanomechanical maps

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Biomolecular Electronics

Engineering Charge-Transport in Bioe lectronic Devices

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Proteins at Interfaces

Atomically detailed insights into their structure, dynamics and bio-activity.

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Electronic Structure

From DFT foundations to excitonic effects in Nanowires.

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