Job openings

Currently, we have 1 PhD position available and several Grado/Master-Thesis fellowships. Below we provide a bird’s-eye view of the PhD project. Also, we are often looking for Post-Doc researchers. Are you curious? Drop us a line (see how to apply).

Theoretical Foundations of Friction: From Empiricism to Physics

Understanding and controlling Friction is arguably one of the oldest quests of mankind. Although great scientists like Leonardo Da Vinci, already five centuries ago gave friction its first scientific basis, there is still today no theoretical formulation of friction. Proof of that is that nobody has succeeded in predicting the friction coefficient for a given system. Similarly, nobody has been able to come up with a more or less general way to reduce friction coefficients, not even by only 1%. However, scientific progress occurs not out of necessity, but because it is possible. In the last decades, new nanoscale experimental techniques have opened new windows on frictional phenomena at the atomic and molecular level. In this thesis, we build upon such breakthroughs to develop the theoretical foundations of friction. To meet this challenge, you will develop advanced computational methods (in the largest supercomputing facilities) that will guide both the derivation of analytic models and Artificial-Intelligence models to bridge such atomic detailed picture with larger scales. Our predictions will then be put to test in world leading experimental research groups (in Switzerland, where you will benefit from long research stays in an international PhD scheme).

How to apply?

We are looking for outstanding students who are eager to participate in our research (motivation/drive is the key). We welcome applicants with a background in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, or related areas with a Master’s degree (or about to be finished). Send us an email to guilherme.vilhena@[REMOVE THIS] including CV and grades certificate.