PhD student
Co-adviced by Prof. Carlos Cuevas
Materials Science Institute of Madrid
Autonomous University of Madrid

pablo.martimezm (at)

Curriculum vitae

Hello. My name is Pablo Martinez and I am currently undergoing my PhD research concerning Heat Transport through Single Molecule Junctions. I completed my undergraduate studies in La Laguna University (ULL) and joined NanoTrib shortly after completing my MSc in Condensed Matter & Biophysics at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

My area of expertise revolves around All-Atom Molecular Dynamics. This powerful technique is capable of modelling large nanoscale systems which would be unapproachable for conventional ab initio quantum-mechanical studies. To list some additional benefits, enviromental effects can be treated to match experimental conditions as well as exploring multiple conformations throughout the dynamics, which again represents experimental results more faithfully.

My research also includes the design of tailored quantum-mechanically derived force fields, which enhance our description level compared to generic, unspecific interaction models. Therefore, we are capable of reproducing the molecular QM potential energy hypersurface with exceptional precision which in turn results in more accurate dynamics.

My main research interest revolves around energy transfer at the nanoscale or more generally out-of-equilibrium and statistical physics. Our ultimate goal is to provide feasible, transferable designs to harness thermal transport at the nanoscale as well as bridging the classical and quantum descriptions of this form of energy transfer on a fundamental level.

Research & Education:

  • PhD in Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Biophysics, 2022-now

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – España

  • MSc in Condensed Matter Physics and Biological Systems, 2021-2022

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – España

  • BSc in Physics, 2017-2021

Universidad de La Laguna, Spain